What Is Cannonball?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary:
A jump into water made with the arms holding the knees tight against the chest
A diving technique in swimming; unlike competitive diving techniques, however, its purpose is to maximize, rather than minimize, splash upon water entry


As screamed by anyone looking to disrupt the status quo, Cannonball is a new force in Miami’s cultural pool. Building on the wake of a ten-year history as LegalArt, Cannonball is familiar and collaborative, and yet completely unpredictable taking cultural production and discourse to new depths.

Based in downtown Miami, Cannonball is a non-profit arts organization known for its advocacy and innovative programs supporting today's artists. Core initiatives include: SeminArt, providing free educational and professional development services to artists; LegalLink, an in-house legal advice and referral service for artists and arts organizations; and the Residency Program, which offers long-term live/work space for local artists and short-term residencies for visiting cultural producers.

Founded in 2003 by Carolina Jayaram and Lara O’Neill, the organization was born from a small, yet inspired idea to provide emerging artists with pro bono legal services. As demand and agency grew, the organization responded by developing a full menu of legal programs central to administering and sustaining long-lasting careers in the arts. Throughout the years, the organization has provided legal advice and referral to hundreds of artists and small arts organizations through its LegalLink Program.

Monthly SeminArts have provided a public forum for the open exchange of ideas via educational programs, such as panel discussions, artist talks and workshops, and roundtable debates. In 2010, the organization again responded to a critical need of young artists—affordable studio space—by establishing Miami’s first live/work residency program. The Residency Program is a unique model insofar as it integrates national and international cultural producers (writers, curators, designers, arts professionals, architects, etc.) into an environment of local artists participating in year-long residencies. As a result, the program serves as an active catalyst for innovative thinking, professional networking, and cultural production.

Cannonball programming is generously funded, in part, by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs.

How To Be A Cannonball

It’s easy! Put on your swimsuit and jump in the pool. Cannonball is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization that depends on the generous support of its members. Join today and feel the impact of sustaining innovative art and culture in Miami.

Artists speak to why your support of Cannonball truly matters!

Annual Membership & Benefits:

Tippy Toes $30

  • Pool-side hugs
  • Invitations to all Cannonball public programs and special members-only events

Wader $50

  • All of the above benefits, plus:
  • Access to LegalLink, which provides professional legal services to artists and small arts organizations, and two annual Legal Clinics

Swimmer $100

  • All of the above benefits, plus:
  • Membership to Cannonball's patrons group, The Foundry, who share a passion for contemporary art and culture, and are dedicated to bolstering the innovative practices of Cannonball. Throughout the year, members participate in exclusive educational and social events related to the arts in Miami.

Swim Coach$250

  • All of the above benefits, plus:
  • 20% discount on all Cannonball merchandise

Platform Diver $500

  • All of the above benefits, plus:
  • Private studio visit with a current Cannonball resident

High Diver $1000

  • All of the above benefits, plus:
  • Recognition on Cannonball’s membership wall

Diving Instructor $2500+

  • All of the above benefits, plus:
  • Private studio visit and cocktail party with current Cannonball residents

Life Guard $10,000+

  • All of the above benefits, plus:
  • On-site naming opportunities tailored to your interests


Like to swim your own way? Feel free to donate another amount!

**All contributions are 100% tax deductible.

Splash Us!

Make a splash and get our attention! Please feel free to reach us at the following coordinates:

General Inquiries: splash@cannonballmiami.org

LegalLink Services: legallink@cannonballmiami.org

Phone: 786.347.2360

Address: 1035 North Miami Avenue, Suite 200, Miami, FL, 33136

Facebook: cannonballmiami

Twitter: @cannonballmiami

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Welcome to the new Cannonball (formerly LegalArt)! This micro-site is a temporary placeholder for our forthcoming website, which is under development. Dive in and explore!